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Craws-Eyeds are people who are under the full control of Titan the shadow. These people can be identified by looking at them closely in the eyes. They will have a small symbol of titan in the center of there eyes. The purpose of these Craws-Eyeds are for them to help Titan with certain missions, keep an eye out for evil activity, or to bring pray in for Titan. The way how Craws-Eyeds are mostly made for is to keep the Craws-Eyed safe. But however, They are also used to talk to criminals using Facebook, Instagrame, Tweeter, Myspace, KIK, Wikia, And so on. Another way how Craws-Eyeds bring Titan's pray in is by joining a gang or something. Now a days, Craws-Eyeds have found the ability to hid the Titan symbol form being seen in there eyes. Though  the way that they can do it is unknown. Giving Craws-Eyed a bigger chance to not be identified. At most times a Craws-Eyes are living there life as so. But on rare occasions, Titan will complacently take over there brain, mussels, hart, and sole. This way, the person who is being controlled cant escape the "grip". The way how Titan can control them is just as easy as Talking, though Titan dose not need to speak to the Craws-Eyed to give commands. The one thing that makes Craws-Eyeds so special is that once that one is a Craws-Eyed, The Craws-Eyd cant be broken. The only time the Craws-Eyed can be broken is when Titan himself frees the victim himself. No other effect, spell, curs, technology, prayer, chant, or rituals can brake the Craws-Eyed. It also shows that Titan can control multiple Craws-Eyeds. Craws-Eyeds can be anyone and anything, from a president, to an cell. Craws-Eyeds when ordered, they must follow commands with out question. If refuse to follow orders, Titan will control the Craws-Eyed himself. Titan giving the Craws-Eyed an order without total control is a privilege that Titan gives to Craws-Eyeds. Since Titan can be strict sometimes, Titan only gives one (1) chance for a Craws-Eyed to have free will. The moment the Craws-Eyed refuses to follow a command of Titan, Titan will control the Craws-Eyed without warning. The way how Craws-Eyeds have to go through in life is pretty hard, and if a Craws-Eyed has intercourse with a another Craws-Eyed or an non Craws-Eyed, the baby will be born a Craws-Eyed forever. Craws-Eyed also get ability  that Titan will give them if they need it and if Titan agrees with it. If its used for something else that Titan did not want to approve, he will take the ability/s away instantly.