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    September 12, 2017 by TITAN4

    Everything will go dark for a wile...but dont worry. Everything will come back soon

    X   X



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  • TITAN4

    Hi guys! TITAN here! and i need your help. The upcomming game of "Titan the shadow:Pitch black" need your help! And it just needs once thing. Aside from titan and the craws-eyeds...What els do you whish to see and/or find in the game? Do you wish for Tooth-claw to be in the game? Maybe a town? or a random building of a kind? tell me what you wish to find in the comments bellow!

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  • TITAN4


    July 16, 2014 by TITAN4

    HELLO GUYS AND I AM HAPPY TO SAY THIS BUT! THERES A STORE ON THE SIGHT! for now i have nothing in stalk for sale, JUST yet. BUT NOT TO FEAR! soon there will be something to buy at the store soon. STAY TOONED FOR MORE INFO!!!

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  • TITAN4

    Hiya guys! Titan here! and i just whanted to keep your hopes up by posting somepics of the map. Remember this is a work in progress so....beal with me pleas.

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  • TITAN4

    hi guys. i just am doing a quick blog asking you guys something. What do you wish to find in the map?. as in sky scrapers, tunels? or maybe more craws-eyed? comment below over what you wish to see.


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    Upcomming TITAN game

    May 21, 2014 by TITAN4

    Dear friends and members

    This summer i will be working on the 1st game of titan called "TITAN pitchblack" I'll be posting the game as a blog when i am done. If you have minecraft (PC/MAC), you are free to download the map when I am done. Hope to see you in the game.


        Titan the shadow


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  • TITAN4


    June 19, 2013 by TITAN4

    1. dont spam
    2. dont be meen to others
    3. chanch the subject if says so
    4. if your going to talk things that are sexull, .P.M. (privit messiging) to anonther user. we DONT alow subjects about sex in the public chat
    5. You may do "role plays" as long as its under hands. if it starts to get too pursinul, stop. end of story.
    6. no "flame wars"
    7. NO trolling

    Admins WILL give you 3 chancis to correct yourself in the chat, like Titan, On the 4th time you WILL get banned from the chat for 1 day. Get bannd agin and this 2 days and so on. The 1st worning is vorbel, 2ed is a threat, 3ed is a kick, 4th is a bann. Easy as that

    Befor you can go on the chat, you must make 4 edits befor going to the chat (my advice, just do 4 comments and your ready to go)

    1. DO NOT post any sexul comm…

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  • MTF Unit -2481

    I'm available to edit anything when I'm online, just ask, and I'll se what I can do..

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